International Panel

The International Panel is a working group within BCI. The object of the group is to develop Blissymbolics so that the vocabulary grows and its high standard is maintained. A broad international representation on the panel is needed to ensure that each new Bliss-word is built on the core meaning of a concept.

The requirements for being a member of the International Panel and attending the panel meetings are as follows:

  • You have a membership in BCI
  • You are an AAC user or have other experience in AAC work
  • The BCI Board has approved you as a member 

To be considered as a new member of the IP, you can:

  • be recommended to the BCI Board by another panel member
  • send a personal request to the BCI Board

The Board welcomes new participants! For questions contact Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

Please fill out the form below as a request to the BCI Board to become a member of the International Panel.

By signing up for the new International Panel list you also agree to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 


You can support the work of BCI by becoming a member. A membership entitles you to: 

  • Attend and vote at the BCI Annual General Meeting 
  • Be eligible for the International Blissymbolics Panel 
  • Information regarding decisions by the Board of Directors, from time to time, relating to the usage of Blissymbolics 
  • Updates regarding symbol development 

BCI Membership is open to all who wish to support the dual objectives of BCI given in the Bylaws: 

  • To support the use of Blissymbolics for persons with communication, language, and learning difficulties—a right and responsibility entrusted to BCI by C. K. Bliss in 1982 
  • To maintain a standard for the international use of Blissymbolics—as the way in which BCI fulfils the responsibility of leadership entrusted to BCI by Douglas Everingham, Trustee of the Semantography Trust, in 2000 

Members should have or have had some experience with Blissymbolics or other systems as AAC. BCI members can be either organisations or individuals:

  • Organisations pay a fee of 50 € (Euros).
  • Individuals can either pay the regular fee of 20 €, or, since economic conditions differ so much around the world, a reduced fee of 5 €.
  • Individuals using Bliss as AAC and their associates are eligible for free membership.

This year, due to EU GDPR requirements, all new and renewing members must fill out the membership form after the "Pay Now" button below and submit it to BCI by clicking the "Submit" button at the end of the form. Note that the membership form and payment are independent of each other. If you are going to pay later by cheque or money transfer please fill in the membership form below now. If you choose to pay first by credit card or paypal using the "Buy Now" button, please return here by closing that window or tab when finished and then complete the membership form. If you are an Individual using Bliss as AAC or associate you are eligible for free membership so go directly to the membership form.

You can pay by cheque to:

Blissymbolics Communication International
c/o Margareta Jennische
Department of Neuroscience,
Speech and Language Pathology
BMC 593 SE-75124 Uppsala

or by bank transfer:

IBAN (International Account Number): SE4480000810599243039279

BIC (Bank Identifier Code): SWEDSESS

or by credit card or paypal by clicking the "Buy Now" button after entering your name, email, and membership type:

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Then (all members) fill out the membership form:

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