Blissful communication; Symbols open doors for people who can't speak

First published in Hamilton Spectator May 10, 2001

A cry of a new born baby, gives birth to a new life that will interact with the world. Without learning how to communicate through language, individuals wouldn't be able to get an education, get jobs or have a normal lifestyle. Moreover, language gives each one of us the gateway to express our needs, dreams and hopes. Without this capability, life becomes a war within the soul. I lived through this until I was twelve. I fought a battle daily trying to interact with those in my environment.

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Make Positive Imprints During Your Life's Journey

First published in Hamilton Spectator March 22, 2001

I would like to offer this column to my dad whom I miss so much. He gave my brothers and me so much love as he guided us into adulthood. He impacted greatly on his community and probably never knew it. May we follow in your footsteps, dad, this one is for you.

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Word prediction program is a great equalizer

First published in Hamilton Spectator February 9, 2001

It is used daily. It is everywhere. It is one of the most powerful tools society has ever used or ever will use. It is the written word. This amazing tool enables us to exchange and share opinions, experiences, stories, ideas, wants, needs, instructions, information, etc. It comes in many forms -- books, magazines, newspapers, journals, manuals, e-mail and Web pages, to name only some. Mastering the skills of reading and writing is so crucial to our well-being in today's world. In order to function with competence in terms of employment, safety, recreation, health and the general care of our lives, we must interact with the printed word in one way or another. My own journey into the huge text world was a long and difficult one. Due to my lack of speech and inability to experiment with the spoken word, I encountered tremendous problems learning to read and write. I guess it is because of these difficulties that I hold the gift of being literate and able to function in the print environment in such high esteem. If you are reading this column, you, too, are able to operate in the literacy world. We are blessed beyond measure because, surprisingly enough, a high percentage of the population has trouble when it comes to reading and/or writing.

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How to keep Christmas in your heart

First published in Hamilton Spectator January 4, 2001

Isn't it miraculous how a second miracle occurs each Christmas? A feeling of good will seems to creep quietly into the hallways and byways of everyday life. There are people from all walks of life sharing in the giving of the season, from the shaking of hands in our governmental offices to the giving of warm winter clothing to individuals who live on the streets. People raising money for the less fortunate. People preparing meals for those in need. People opening their homes, offering one of the true gifts of this Christmas season, compassion. This festival brings out the best in people. The going of the extra mile is almost an unspoken creed. Although there are numerous beliefs, disbeliefs and customs associated with this festival, the greatest is love for our fellow man. Christmas acts as a bridge, spanning the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

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