Paul was the greatest!


We in Canada have sad news to share! Paul Marshall died on October 25, 2016. We will treasure our memories of him and always be thankful for his wonderful contribution to our Bliss community - here in Canada and around the world. For us, Paul was a highly respected leader, highly regarded by our Bliss users and alumni and his colleagues throughout our AAC community …. and he was a wonderful friend!

Paul’s deep faith gave him strength throughout his life to take on the many challenges he faced, but never more than in recent years, as his health began to fail and pain became increasingly his companion. He persevered in his many projects until his body finally said, “no more”.

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BCI Annual Membership Meeting 2016

The BCI Annual Membership Meeting (AGM) for 2016 will be initiated over Skype (and via email) on Monday, June 27, 2016.
Time 18:00 CET, 17:00 GMT, 19:00 EET, 12:00 EDT.
The meeting is planned to be continued and completed in connection to the BCI International Panel Meeting in Canada August 1-5

All BCI members are welcome to participate. More information will folllow.

Mats Lundälv / for the BCI Board of Directors

Letter from Elina


I am Elina and 24 years old. I live with my help dog in a student apartment, where there is assistance 24/7. I also have a personal assistant to help me with things I want to do outside home.

As a small girl I used Bliss symbols as a communication aid. I was also communicating with gestures. I was in my own opinion and in the opinion of others a very fast and a most multilateral bliss user. I could easily communicate with my friends. Of course it demanded from the others reading skills or knowledge in Bliss.

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Announcement - BCI International Panel meeting 2016

Dear Bliss Community
We are looking forward to the next Bliss Panel Meeting, to be held near Toronto, Canada from Monday evening, August 1 to Friday afternoon, August 5, 2016 (the week before ISAAC 2016 in Toronto)For more information and to let us know you plan to attend, please go to

To contribute with your requests and/or suggestions for new Bliss-words to be included in the BCI Authorized Vocabulary, please read the message from the BDS (Blissymbolics Development Secretariat)!

Reading with Blissymbolics is AWESOME - updates from South Africa

Louisa Alberts reports:

Hi Everybody

We had great success with Nandile at our school, to such an extent that our Principal gave us a Blissymbol classroom.

I now have 20 learners reading with Blissymbolics, from which 5 learners are already bridging from Blissymbolics to Traditional Orthography. Three learners read with Boardmaker™, Mayer-Johnson. One of them is busy bridging from Boardmaker PCS™ symbols to Blissymbolics.

Nandile reading and writing Blissymbols  Comfort Mankge reading and writing Blissymbols

Nandile and Comfort Mankge, two successful students in the Blissymbol classroom of Platorand School in South Africa

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