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Jabbla (MindExpress)


Comunicar e Dizer: Facebook and Twitter

Jônatas Davi Paganini: Try Bliss and "semantografia e a linguagem bliss" at GitHub


Blissymbolics Communication Institute Canada has the Blissfull Thoughts blog, the Bliss iBand, a musical ensemble of people in the Canadian Bliss community, and the wonderful Archive of the history BCI.

Vimeo blisspace’s Videos

Articles on Bliss

Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

Holland Bloorview

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy 


Bliss Kommunikation DK 

En bruger fortæller (a user tells)

Bliss-symboler: Et sprog uden ord (Socialstyrelsen, Denmark)


Bliss Tool 



Papunet - Blisskieli

Papunet - Bliss-portti - Bliss-porten  


Ontology4 (by Hermann Bense, Dortmund, et al), and their very interesting integration of Blissymbolics in their ontology systems and visualisation tools

Bliss samvera í Bæjarhrauni 

Deddi and MyTobii computer  and  Deddi & Axel with MyTobii computer

Ireland - Bliss Unicode proposal


Mario Taddei - Blissymbolics 


Metodó Bliss : puente hacia la lectu ra y escritura para un alumno con discapacidad intelectual, Dirk Mackholt ; Celina Imaculada Girardi ; Revista Intercontinental de Psicología y Educación 2009, 11 (2)


Ghica van Emde Boas' Bliss Board app, developed in MIT App Inventor for Android devices


At Statped you may find: "Bøker på bliss symbolspråk" - some of the same and more in the lefthand tabs - Fagbøker, Lettlestbøker, Barnebøker and Øvingsbok - lær å lese bliss

There you can also read Bliss symbolspråk.

TurboDevs AS, developer of BlissBrain and initiator of BlissBase and other projects involving Assistive Technology, games and Blissymbolics:
Code on GithubBlissBrain on Facebook


Prototype (so far) Windows app with Blisymbols on YouTube by Michał Heliński
(turn on subtittles under the Settings wheel to get English comments)

Polish movie "Chce sie zyc", with the English title " Life Feels Good", by dir Maciej Pieprzyca 2013 - about a boy with cerebral palsy who eventually acquires communication with Blissymbols.


Students at the Nanyang Polytechnic School in Singapore developed a prototype writing system for Blissymbols called Bl-ink. Short video demos are still available on Youtube at: and


Eneso Verbo is a Windows and Android application to create dynamic communication boards. Now gives access also to Blissymbols.

South Africa

Presentation about Louisa Albert's work with Bliss



Språkbanken - Karp lexicon resource - with Bliss (now with Swedish and English look-up!)

Matts Lundalv's Blissymbol Resources Page - complete and correct BCI Blissymbol lexicon resources to June 2019 - documentation, Bliss graphics file libraries etc.

Three videos from the National High School for students with physical disabilities in Göteborg:

Bliss project for adult Blissymbol users at Sunderby
 - Blisshuset
 - Blisshuset (facebook page) 

Bliss user Natalie's "Pinkies blog" and video blog

Newspaper articles 2015 (in Swedish): Louise speaks with symbols and
More Bliss-words needed (from BCI International Panel Meeting 2015)

Concept Coding Framework (CCF) bridging between languages and symbol systems:  -  with CCF-SymbolServer and CCF SymbolWriter extension for LibreOffice/OpenOffice adding free support for Blissymbols and ARASAAC symbols in LibreOffice/OpenOffice Writer.

Special Access to Windows (SAW6) onscreen keyboard - free software found at SourceForge. Blissymbol diplays for SAW6 in English and Swedish among SAW Resources at OATSoft.




Blissymbols in Edutech-Wiki, by  Daniel K. Schneider et al at TECFA, University of Geneva

United Kingdom

Blissymbol Communication U.K.

BBC 4 radio programme 2017: The Symbols of Bliss

About Manchester (about the above radio programme): Exploring the world of Blissymbolics

Dundee AAC Research Group

The Bliss-Dasher Project

Sensory Software - Blissymbolics for The Grid 2

The ACE Centre  


Radio Lab - on C.K.Bliss and Blissymbolics

Veteran US Bliss and BMW Bliss-Minspeak user Lee Mehrlich gives short YouTube presentation for PRC 50th anniversary. Here is the transcript from Lee’s video:
“My name is Edwin Lee Mehrlich, but please call me Lee.  I have had the PRC for 30 years with Bliss Symbolics.  I made the first BMW with Shirley McNaughton.  I had a book before PRC but my ECO2 gives me more freedom to talk.”

Ken Hackbarth of has created a next generation of tactile symbols based on Blissymbolics to teach language to individuals who are blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired. The symbols may also be effective when used with individuals on the autism spectrum. These Bliss Tactile Symbols are opensource, customizable, extensible, and designed to be 3D-printed.

Article on C.K.Bliss and Blissymbolics from the Letterform Archive in San Francisco.

Eric Lee's Semantography site:, among many other things offers a new and improved scanned version of C.K.Bliss's Semantography (180 MB) book. 

George Sutton's - Blissymbolics, and lots of new Bliss material at George's new site:    

Douglas Crockford:
Blissymbolics Bibliography

Gregg Vanderheiden:


Blissymbolics Vietnam (on Facebook)


Blissymbols (on Facebook)  

Blissymbolics Language support group (on Facebook)

Concreta (Platform and journal for contemporary thinking on images): Introduction to BLISS for Two Voices with Chorus

idsgn - a design blog; Bringing Bliss to non-speakers

Reference to the film about C.K. Bliss 1975 - Mr. Symbol Man
References to the book about the film about C.K. Bliss 1976 - Mr. Symbol Man (book)

Reference to a short cartoon about Bliss 1974 - Symbol Boy

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Turns 150 - For the anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ translations into Pashto, Esperanto, emoji and Blissymbols

ISAAC ( International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

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