Correspond in Blissymbolics

Blissymbolics is a Language

Here we facilitate international correspondence in Blissymbolics without translation to any other language.

As a start, you can correspond with one or more of these persons from Blisshuset, Sweden, who have each written a story:

Petter, Joakim, Marcus, Victoria

Responses with comments or questions about their stories written in Blissymbolics are welcome from anyone, (persons using Bliss as AAC, alumni as well as teachers, friends, and family members) and you will get their answers.



Write your message in Blissymbolics wthout translations.

Start by writing the name of the person you would like to correspond with.

Use your first name and country to end the letter.

The first time you write it would be nice to get a short introduction of your conection with Bliss (written in Blissymbolics of course)

Email your letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After a few days your letter will appear on the website.

Then you can wait for answers to appear on the website after your message.





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