Real, universal access would benefit all society

First published in Hamilton Spectator June 18, 2000

The old clock goes off; the radio reports the QEW is a mess. Springing out of the shower, your eyes open wide. You remember that you have to go out of town today and return later for a meeting. Hopping in our cars, we meet thousands of other cars hitting the asphalt as we commute. The hectic lifestyle of this modern age demands a barrier-free environment, one into which we can pack anything and everything. We need to accomplish, to get things done and there is no time to waste on barriers. Our expectation is that there will be easy access to our communities. We move through each day not noticing the sidewalk configurations, the ramps that we use without a thought, those electric doors that we walk through and the list goes on and on.

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It takes Our Actions to Make Others' Dreams a Reality

First published in Hamilton Spectator May 3, 2000

When our dreams and hopes come into reality, the sun seems to shine brighter and the rainy days are few and far between. Our steps are that much higher, we develop an inner peace and a joy that comes rushing out to meet and welcome the days that are given to us. When positive circumstances are occurring, people and communities reap a harvest of energy that flows and touches an innermost flame.

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A Healthy Society Welcomes Vulnerable Citizens

First published in Hamilton Spectator April 1, 2000

It was a beautiful bright winter day. You and dozens of others were out on the street, rushing to have lunch and probably get a number of other things done. You walk by what seems to be a fight between two drunks. You thought "I don't want to get involved. Besides it is only two drunks fighting over something." You discounted what you just observed. Then it happened. A good Samaritan came to the rescue. He saw that something was wrong and acted, broke in and stopped the hostility.

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Each One of Us Must Offer Our Gifts and Limitations

First published in Hamilton Spectator February 2, 2000

Hi Everybody! It is a great honour for me to join the Spectator's Community Editorial Board. I want to thank the editors for their vision in bringing together a large cross section of individuals who represent a wide range of differing ideas. As you will find out by reading my columns over the next few months, communication is vital -- to share ideas, dreams, hopes, needs, wants and other information. Communication is the heartbeat of life. Without this simple capability, our every day experiences would be totally different. We as a society should be thankful to the Spectator for their insight in forming this Editorial Board, and to other public open forums that provide communication opportunities.

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