Making oneself heard without talking

First published in Hamilton Spectator November 30, 2000

One of the profound gifts that God gave to man is the amazing capability of being understood by the spoken word. It is the way we share knowledge, dreams, hopes, desires, needs, thoughts, etc. What is life like for those of us who have this profound gift taken away? Using figures based on United States estimates (American Speech-Language- Hearing Association, 1991), there are over 200,000 individuals in Canada who are unable to use speech as their main form of communication. The reasons are many cerebral palsy, stroke, vehicle accidents, neurological diseases. Who are we? What do we do?

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We have a duty to guide the next generation

First published in Hamilton Spectator October 13, 2000

Life celebrations are so often found sandwiched between some upheaval. Over the years, I personally have physically and mentally climbed mountains. Walked beside beautiful rivers. Felt the waves rushing over me as I struggled to grab some air before another wave overtook me. Whether we like it or not, this is the unfolding process of living. I deeply believe each human being has to find that inner spark, to empower and move them on to new heights. These sparks can be ignited from outside sources that shape and mold us into the individuals that we are.

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Let's "boldly go where others have gone before"

First published in Hamilton Spectator August 26, 2000

When promises are made and kept, it creates a healthier environment, whether it is in the family, in the work place or in the province. Unrest and social mistrust occur and even grow when promises aren't kept. In political terms, this is a major event and can make or break any government. Yes, it seems that we are never really pleased with the people that we elect to office. I am not sure our dissatisfaction has enough significance to build a case against the governing party. Probably we could fill many newspapers on countless issues that we think our government should or shouldn't be doing. I would say right now that I am not a political animal. I believe that God's hand is controlling the nations down throughout history. At the same time I must say that I deeply believe that our heads of governments are charged with the responsibility to encourage and set in place legislation that will benefit all the people.

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It takes someone special to foster 'soul-smiles"

First published in Hamilton Spectator August 2, 2000

As I sit back in my chair, I watch the faces of the musical group preparing to play. I can see they are talking quietly to themselves as they gaze out into the crowd. All their preparations have been for this one evening. Possibly some of them lay awake last night, practicing each beat of each song. As they got dressed in their finest, I am sure excitement surged up in the soul of each musician. The special night is finally here!

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