Paul was the greatest!


We in Canada have sad news to share! Paul Marshall died on October 25, 2016. We will treasure our memories of him and always be thankful for his wonderful contribution to our Bliss community - here in Canada and around the world. For us, Paul was a highly respected leader, highly regarded by our Bliss users and alumni and his colleagues throughout our AAC community …. and he was a wonderful friend!

Paul’s deep faith gave him strength throughout his life to take on the many challenges he faced, but never more than in recent years, as his health began to fail and pain became increasingly his companion. He persevered in his many projects until his body finally said, “no more”.

The thoughts of two of Paul’s Bliss friends in Toronto express what Paul meant to them:

Paul was the greatest!
He was courageous and brave!
No one could do what he did!

Paul’s heart was in his work!
He was friendly and helpful to all of us!

We feel that now, Paul is looking down on us
from the heavens above, and he is still inside us,
teaching and loving us!

Nora Rothschild has summarized our feelings well,
for all of us!

“The world has lost a great and wise soul.”

Elaine Drover, Joe Jessop, Shirley McNaughton


Here is a video made in celebration of Paul by his friends - music added by Michael Greene ->

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