Invitation to the next BCI Panel Meeting in Antwerp

You are welcome to sign up to the next Blissymbolic Communication International Panel Meeting to be held in Domein Hooidonck Zandhoven, near Antwerp, Belgium 17 - 21 October 2013. Please see the invitation preview below, and the full documents  at: Invitation and Participation Form.

Invitation to Blissymbolics International Panelmeeting 2013, to be held in Domein Hooidonck Zandhoven, close to Antwerp, Belgium Oct.17th – 21st, 2013

I am now happy to send out the final invitation to the Blissymbolics International Panelmeeting 2013 and welcome everybody interested in developing Blissymbolics Authorized Vocabulary. We all know the importance of a wide international participation at these meetings to keep the international agreements high in formation of the Bliss-words. As always we look forward to a productive meeting and hope you will be able to come.

During the meeting we will try an alternative procedure this time described in the attached meeting procedure. It is build on small working groups, which each work on one theme and report their results step by step to the full panel for acceptance. We hope that we will gain time and be more efficient in this way and also make it easier for everyone to participate in the discussions.

Annemie van Roy and the Belgian group will host the meeting. The meeting place is Domein Hooidonck Zandhoven. The whole meeting area is fully accessible. There are 5 accessible bedrooms.

Don’t hesitate to join the meeting also if you haven’t attended a meeting before.

Most welcome!


Uppsala 2013-05-21

Margareta Jennische

chair of BDS

Preliminary program:

Oct 17th Thursday

13.00. Get together,

14.00 Start of vocabulary development

15.30 Get the rooms

16.00 Cont. voc. development until dinner time

Oct 18th Friday Full day Vocabulary development with breaks for coffee and lunch.

Oct 19th Saturday am Cont. voc. development

pm BCI organization update

Oct 20th Sunday am Cont. Vocabulary development

Pm Cont. Vocabulary development

16 .00 Meet Bliss-users and together with them visit an old mill.

Oct 21st Monday leave rooms before 10.00

am cont. Vocabulary development

pm until 15.00, end of meeting

Travel information:

There are direct trains from Brussels Zaventem airport to Antwerp and from there, Annemie or taxi will help with transportation to Zandhoven.


Accommodation and all meals is 75 Euros/night+day thus 4 x75 = 300 Euros

Early arrivers can have lunch on Thursday, extra 18 Euros.

If you leave late on Monday or stay another night, you can have dinner on Monday, extra 18 Euros

Conference fee 10 Euros/day.( 5 days x 10 Euros = 50 Euros)

The total accommodation + conference fee will be payed before Oct 10th to:

VZW Bliss-symbolen Beukenlaan 54 9051 Gent
IBAN BE 12 7370 3431 3892

Application for the meeting will be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Sept 1st because of the assuring the conference venue.

A few weeks before the meeting you will get vocabulary of different themes which will be worked on during the meeting. The more you have time to prepare ideas - the better!

Application form:


E-mail addresse:


I will participate the whole meeting from Thursday through Monday 4 full nights and days:

I will only participate the following days:

Thursday (10 Euros)

Friday (10 Euros)

Saturday (10 Euros)

Sunday (10 Euros)

Monday (10 Euros)

I want lunch on Thursday Oct 17th:

I want dinner on Monday Oct 21st:

I want to stay one more night after the meeting to Thirsday 22nd:

I want an accessible bedroom: with two beds?

I want a single room:

I want to share room with :

I remember to pay the total costs of:

to Bliss Dutch account before Oct 10th 2013.




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