BCI Transformation Announcement

Announcement: As some, but probably far from all, of you may know, BCI is geographically on the move – from its original home until now in Canada to a new home base in Sweden and Scandinavia.

BCI in Canada is transforming itself into Blissymbolics Communication Institute – Canada, BCIC, and is continuing and developing its efforts to promote Blissymbolics in Canada and North America in particular – see its new web site at www.blissymbolics.ca  

The new BCI based in Sweden was formally established in late October 2010, and a first Special General Meeting was held (over Skype) November 29, 2010. A new interim Board of Directors was elected for the period until the first regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 17:00 CET (11:00 EST) in Oslo and over Skype (during the the next International Panel meeting there 10-16 April).

The new interim BCI Board of Directors includes the following members:
Mats Lundälv (President, Sweden),  Annette Nylund (Vice-President, Finland),
Krister Müller (Treasurer, Sweden), Katherine Seybold (Secretary, Canada),
Shirley McNaughton (Past President, Canada), Torhild Kausrud (Norway), Peter Lindsay (Canada),
Margareta Jennische (Sweden), Gillian Hazell (UK), Elisabeth Green (Sweden), and (pending for confirmation); Judy Wine (Israel), Annalu Waller (UK), and Sophia Kalman (Hungary).

Ingrid Mattsson Müller and Britt Amberntson were appointed for the Nominations Committee.
The first main tasks for the new BCI and its interim board will be to consolidate the new organisation, including:

  • acquire official organisational number and establish the new economy with bank account etc.

  • conclude the legal transfer of copyrights and licensing agreements from BCI Canada

  • prepare for the first AGM, revise the new bylaws and, in due time, recruit members and candidates for the coming board and different working groups

  • finalise the ongoing major revision of the BCI Authorised Vocabulary and make it widely available to developers and users via our website and BlissOnline

  • ... and much more

We hope that many of you in the BCI Community email list and other friends of Blissymbolics will be inspired to participate as members and/or otherwise support us in making the re-birth of BCI successful, and to continue and further develop the work of BCI to promote the maintenance and use of Blissymbolics for AAC purposes and in general!
More information will follow here at www.blissymbolics.org

Mats Lundälv / on behalf of the BCI interim Board of Directors 

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