Panel Meeting in Pittsburgh 2012

The Blissymbolics Development Secretariat (BDS) invites to International Panel Meeting. The next Blissymbolics International Panel meeting will be held in Pittsburgh July 26 – 29, 2012 (arrival day July 25), just before the ISAAC Biennial Conference.

Blissymbolics Development Secretariat welcome everyone who is interested in the structure, function and development of the vocabulary of Blissymbolics to the International Panel meeting in Pittsburgh July 26 – 29, 2012.

The ambition and goal of Blissymbolics Communication International (BCI) is to keep Blissymbolics an international language and useful as a graphic AAC for persons all over the world. It is therefore with confidence that we have experienced a growing international interest in Blissymbolics during the past two years.

During International Panel meetings the focus is on the development of the Authorized Vocabulary. The international representation at these meetings is therefore of greatest value and we gladly receive an expansion in the panel work to representatives from new countries.

During the past years the Authorized Vocabulary has gone through an extensive revision to locate inconsistencies and to solve recurrently raised issues and to make the language open and easy to access internationally. We therefore hope that those who are monitors of Blissymbolics or have positively answered our inventory of Bliss monitors a few years ago will take the opportunity to attend the meeting in Pittsburgh.

This year, Bruce Baker has generously offered to host the International Panel meeting at the conference room at Semantic Compaction Systems, 1000 Killarney Drive, Pittsburgh, PA


Margareta Jennische
chair of BDS
Uppsala 2012-01-29 

Preliminary Program and Registration

The whole Announcement with Preliminary program and Registration form is found found here (PDF)
...registration to be sent to Margareta Jennische, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - preferably before May 31st 2012



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